IPhone 8 facial recognition will support Apple Pay, third party apps

IPhone 8 facial recognition will support Apple Pay, third party apps

That said, there's a lot of iPhone 8-related information that's been surfacing. It's unclear whether Samsung Display will be utilizing the larger of these two panels for the iPhone 8 (with cuts), or some new device. In fact, one might reasonably assume that Apple removing a feature that's proving problematic to get working correctly would accelerate the product introduction, not delay it. The good news is that the much awaited iPhone 8 will be launched on its time.

Kuo seems to believe that since Apple has chose to use an OLED display for the new device, this will trigger a supply deficit during its launching. The analysts have a base case of earnings per share of $10.50 for the next quarter, but see a bull case in which EPS reaches $12 or above, boosted by the new iPhone.

The iPhone 7s dummy is similar to the bezel design and dimensions on the current iPhone 7 Plus. But there is a catch since the users still need to have a Lighting-to-USB-C cable plus a wall adapter in order to use it.

According to Kuo, wireless charging will be enabled through an optional accessory that will be purchased alongside the new iPhones - it won't be a default feature available out of the box. Also, the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus are going to sport horizontal dual-lens camera setups at the back while Apple's tenth anniversary handset is going to rock a vertical design. Nevertheless, they offer a gorgeous take on how Apple could market the upcoming iPhone 8.

Other options for Touch ID on the iPhone 8 include the side sleep/wake button or the back, everyone's least favorite spot for the fingerprint sensor.

One other notable change concerns the power button, which is now longer than traditional standby buttons seen on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch media players. If true, it's a move that emulate some of Sony's smartphones, and comes with two key benefits.

There's more news on the virtual home button too, with developer Steve Troughton-Smith digging up code that indicates it will be resizable, and part of a "periphery area" that can be expanded or minimized, with the home button hidden as needed.

Rumours are suggesting the iPhone 8's power button could be nearly twice the size of the iPhone 7's, and that may be a direct result of its new functionality.

Discovered lurking in a piece of software accidentally pushed by Apple to public servers a week ago, is a line of code suggesting the new iPhone will mute notifications sounds when it knows you are looking at it.

Late last month, Cupertino technology giant Apple released early firmware for its HomePod smart speaker - which is scheduled to launch for sale by December this year.


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